Firm Overview

firm_overviewProfessional and Attentive Client Service in the Bay Area

Serving family law and criminal defense clients in the South Bay, Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County, The Law Firm of J. Hector Moreno, Jr. & Associates stresses highly individualized attention to the needs of our clients while providing dependable advice and advocacy on difficult legal problems. Contact us to learn how you and your family can benefit from our lawyers’ positive and proactive approach to divorce, community property disputes, and criminal defense.

As a father of five with two grandchildren, J. Hector Moreno, Jr. understands the importance of family. He knows that even while people are divorcing, they are concerned about protecting and strengthening their other family relationships, especially with their own children. We therefore concentrate on finding ways to advance your interests through carefully negotiated agreements, child custody and visitation agreements and child support orders, even in situations where you would not have thought a satisfactory resolution was possible.

An effective trial advocate in the South Bay for over 20 years

Our firm’s ability to resolve high-conflict family law situations reflects our willingness to take your case to court whenever necessary. For the first 10 years of his career, J. Hector Moreno, Jr. was a deputy district attorney in Santa Clara County, where he developed an impressive record as a felony trial lawyer. He then practiced for nine years with his sister, Marilyn Moreno, where he handled most of the trials and contested divorce hearings at the Moreno Family Law Firm in San Jose.

Today at his own firm, J. Hector Moreno, Jr. advises and represents California family law and criminal defense clients in cases where the credible prospect of litigation can help promote a satisfactory settlement in circumstances of sharp conflict.

As a committed Christian, J. Hector Moreno, Jr.’s faith and values can also represent an important resource of support and advice for clients whose legal and personal problems can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. His familiarity with the full range of community counseling services is often valuable for clients who need to resolve problems of their own before their legal positions can be presented to maximum effect.

To learn more about the scope of our divorce, family law and criminal defense practice, contact us by telephone at (408) 440-2575 or fill out the email contact form below.